Practice Areas

Intellectual Property Laws

  • Trademarks

    Our firm deals in all aspects of trademark practice from conducting trade name searches to filing application for registration of trademark, drafting and filing reply to objections, opposition, representing clients at registry hearings, initiating legal actions against Trademark Infringements and advising clients on brand positioning.

    We are constantly innovating to meet client’s trademark requirements, and creatively employ the law to protect our clients’ rapid innovative products and creative processes. Our trademark team works across a very broad spectrum of industries and strive to ensure client-relevant deliverables.

    Our dedicated trademarks team is at the core of the firm, catering to multiple client requirements across the globe. We protect and manage trademark portfolios across the globe, and engage with clients in various business practices including brand-centric commercial transactions and re-branding exercises.

    Our approach and reputation means that, we are the principal legal advisors and maintain multiple portfolios for numerous public listed companies, Aid and assist in all innovative processes with clients, Participate in various branding strategies for clients, Advice on brand strategy and management & Negotiate for strategic alliances with brands. The depth of our expertise allows us to work on complex trademark transactions and advice on brand portfolios throughout the world.

    We also concentrate on Trademark Management including Licensing, Anti counterfeiting, Brand Protection, Trademark Litigation, Trademark creation and exploitation, Agency and Distribution, Franchising, Arbitration and Mediation etc

    Our Litigation Services includes preparation of litigation strategy, Co-ordination on senior counsel engagement and briefings, drafting and vetting of pleadings to maintain consistency with, drafting and exchanging strategic communication with adversaries in a possible conflict.

  • Copyrights

    Our firm’s copyright practice covers all aspects of copyright law. We provide clients with assistance in registration, licensing, policing and enforcement of their copyrights. We negotiate, draft and vet copyright purchase, sale and license agreements, software licensing agreements and other related documentations.

    We work with leading creative majors and offer advisory, management and portfolio maintenance services.  With an unprecedented record of accomplishment for excellence, we are the preferred choice for copyright right holders. Our copyright team is renowned for its experience, flexibility and knowledge of creative industries. 

    We have a reputation for offering excellent services to a wide range of clients, ranging from the film industry, artists, publishers to companies.  We offer an intuitive understanding of their work and innovative application to offer customized services.

    The copyright team aims to truly understand and appreciate our clients work, and offer deliverables based on actual requirements, rather than adopting a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Our team understands that to work with the best, we need to be the best.

    We work on numerous challenging issues to bring client works within the copyright framework. These have included challenging areas such as e-commerce protection and computer programming protection under copyright laws.

    We also concentrate on Copyright Management including Licensing, Anti counterfeiting, Moral Protection, Copyright Litigation, Copyright creation and exploitation, Agency and Distribution, Franchising, Arbitration and Mediation etc

    Our Litigation Services includes preparation of litigation strategy, Co-ordination on senior counsel engagement and briefings, drafting and vetting of pleadings to maintain consistency with, drafting and exchanging strategic communication with adversaries in a possible conflict.

  • Designs

    Our firm offers comprehensive services on Designs. Our firm’s practice includes registration of designs, renewal, reinstatement, oppositions, negotiating, conducting due diligence, drafting, vetting design assignment & license agreements including enforcements.

    We place designs at the heart of our operations, and apply various creative processes to procure and maintain effective design registrations for clients.

    Our Designs team understands and appreciates the true importance of aesthetics in sustaining businesses and bolstering client IP portfolios. Given the broad scope of designs, our dedicated designs team is supported amply by our patents and trademark team, to ensure seamless synergy between the various interrelated intellectual property rights.

    Our designs team is also aided by our copyright team, and works in collaboration with all other teams within the office to ensure effective and sustainable design protection for clients. We are at present advising various design right holders globally and pride ourselves on our knowledge and versatility to provide world class services to clients.

    Our Litigation Services includes preparation of litigation strategy, Co-ordination on senior counsel engagement and briefings, drafting and vetting of pleadings to maintain consistency with, drafting and exchanging strategic communication with adversaries in a possible conflict.

  • Patents

    Our firm assists domestic and foreign clients in conducting patent search, assisting in filing patent application (new application/PCT application/divisional application) and provides full assistance until grant of patents in India.
    We assist clients in filing and prosecuting patent applications including pre-grant and post grant oppositions, revocations, and represent clients before the Patent Office and Appellate Tribunal.

    We advise leading corporations, governmental bodies and academic institutions on their patent portfolios. With a dedicated team of patent attorneys and engineers, we have one of India’s premiere patent services providers. We are equipped with engineers and technically qualified personnel specializing in numerous fields.

    We are constantly working towards expanding our competencies, and are working on several current technologies including nano-technology and stem cell research to support the expanding R&D activities of clients.
    Many of our patent work have a global dimension, and we work with multiple associates across the world to comprehensively support client requirements. We deliver on a full range of services that apply to patent portfolio maintenance with specialist technicians and lawyers.

    Our patent attorneys have great deal of expertise in drafting patent application, patent licensing, patent assignment and patent security agreements. We also specialize in providing opinion on patentability of a product/process. We also provide legal advice and opinion relating to infringement of patents.

  • Domain Names

    Keeping in tune with client requirements, our trademark team is amply qualified and experienced to extend their expertise to the virtual world. We search, register, renew and administer names in any domain.
    With a wide body of experience in protecting client interests before arbitration bodies and Courts, we strongly believe in protecting domain names to protect our clients’ commercial interests.

    The eminence of our trademark clients has honed our experience in dealing with cyber squatters and protecting online innovations. Despite working within the limited regulatory framework in India, we ensure that our clients’ presence on the web is secure.

Information Technology Law

Our firm is known for its Techno Legal Expertise. Our firm has expertise in complete range of matters related to Information Technology sector. Our firm realizes the challenging legal issues that arise in Cyberspace.

Our firm handles matters relating to investigation of Email Frauds, Hacking, Cracking, Web Defacement, Software Piracy, Credit card fraud, Threatening Emails & Telephone calls, Cyber-stalking, Online Banking Frauds, Online Share Trading Fraud, Source Code Theft, Cyber defamation and impersonation, organized online Crimes, Cyber-squatting, Typo Squatting, Denial of Service Attack, Phishing, Spoofing, Pornography, Salami Attack, Fake Profile on Social Networking Sites, etc including Copyright & Trademark infringements in the Cyber space and data protection issues. We advise our clients on all aspects of cyber laws i.e. Indian Information Technology laws.

Data theft is one of the most common problems faced by the companies today. We advise our clients on, protection against data theft and the best possible method, to resolve it.

We at Law Office of Karthikeyan realize the sensitivity of information and intellectual property as an asset thereby making a paradigm shift towards information security as an investment for competitive edge and the business connections. .  As we are heading towards the new millennium advances in technology and growth of e-commerce, Our firm is aimed at providing a one stop solution.

Our firm has expertise team in information technology laws, and data protection laws in India. Our firm handles software licensing agreement, development agreement, support agreements including website development agreements.

We also assist our clients in drafting the following agreements:

  • Shrink Wrap Agreements
  • Click Wrap Agreements
  • Technology Transfer Agreements
  • Technical Assistance Agreements
  • Broadcasting Agreements
  • Satellite Agreements
  • Digital Terrestrial Agreements
  • Conditional Access Systems (CAS) Agreements
  • Server Co-Location Space Agreements
  • Hardware Maintenance Agreements
  • System Supply Agreements
  • Access Agreements
  • Beta Test Agreements
  • Service Provide Agreements
  • Interconnect Agreements
  • Other related e-commerce agreements.

We also assist the IT companies in protecting their intellectual property and information technology-related compliance issues. We have significant experience in advising our clients in establishing strategic alliances between e-suppliers and e-buyers in India and abroad.

In the field of Cyber security, we cater the Techno Legal cyber security requirements of various stakeholders. We ensure that your Policies and Strategies are not only technologically Sound but also legally strong. As we are heading towards the new millennium advances in technology and growth of e-commerce, our firm is aimed at providing a one-stop solution.

Media & Entertainment Laws

‘Media’ the popular term inter-alia used as ‘Press’ denotes the print & electronic information carriers –the News Papers & Magazines, Radio, Television and currently includes Internet – as new Media. Hailed as the ‘Fourth Estate’, media is the watchdog of the public affairs, informing the society and vice versa acts as the forum to advocate the views of the society to those at the helm of public affairs.

The growth of fame and celebrity in the modern world and its emergence into a multibillion- dollar industry has made ever-growing demands of law firms. Our firm brings a broad range of experience to an internationally increasingly complex discipline. Our firm lawyers recognize that these industries are truly global, and they provide in-depth, local market experience and expertise in matters ranging from multijurisdictional contracts to sponsorships, intellectual property and broadcasting rights.

We are one of the leading law firms in India rendering legal services in various aspects of media and entertainment sectors. We advise our clients on issues ranging from pay-per-view contracts to digital copyright matters to the convergence of media and network technologies.

We advise our clients on foreign investment in media sector and offer advice on media laws in India with regard to government regulations and policies. Our law firm has an extensive experience in dealing issues related to the media and entertainment sectors.

In Indian context the print media and its interface with Law have a long tradition, where as broadcasting sectors of Radio and Television and emerging new Media of Internet is still an evolving one. The Media practitioners, Lawyers, Educationists relating to Mass Communications need to understand the Legal Framework that is operational and the emerging debate of restructuring such legal framework. Our Media & Entertainment practice team is equipped with the current legal regime on Media & Entertainment and the emerging one, which is going to play a crucial role.

We are equipped with qualified personnel specializing in numerous fields of media and entertainment law including:

  • Film
  • Music
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Talent Shows
  • Theatres
  • Sports Events
  • Digital Media
  • Live Events
  • Reputation Management
  • Royalty Audit Claims

Telecommunication & Broadcasting Laws

Our firm assists broadcasting organizations, network operators and media investors in all strategic and operational aspects involving legal issues. In the case of media transactions, investors often gain access to the Indian media market on a long-term basis once they have obtained advice on regulatory questions.

Our firm handles applications for frequency allocation by tendering for radio stations, including the successful licensing and startup of broadcasting. Our lawyers also provide the necessary advice on cooperation with other parties in programming and in marketing measures.

We have significant expertise in Telecom and Broadcasting laws and regulations. We deal in laws relating to all aspects of telecommunication and broadcasting sector. Our firm has also gained in-depth experience with infrastructure projects involving different types of technology at the interface of telecommunication and broadcasting law (transmitter technology, co-ordination of frequencies, allocation of channels, satellite distribution and signal feeding, Sky DSL, DRM, WIMEX).

The focus of our firm is not confined to telephone or telecom services. It also includes radio and televisions through terrestrial, satellite, and cable technology as well as Internet services and Internet telephony. Our firm is one of the pioneers to attempt a comprehensive and systematic analysis of the legal framework for Indian communication Industry.

Our firm advises leading companies on both their domestic and foreign aspects.


Our Litigation team is able to offer our clients solutions in all areas of the law that we practice.  We appear on behalf of a broad range of clients, in order to protect clients' interests throughout India and worldwide.

Our lawyers are proactive in conducting and resolving disputes in the best interest of our clients. We place much emphasis on the need to assist clients efficiently and as expediently as we possibly can. Our team is working in all major Courts in India, including the Supreme Court of India. We work across the length and breadth of the country to ensure top-notch legal representation for clients.

Our litigation team is adequately backed by a dedicated research team, to ensure that we are aware of all relevant legal and market developments.  We undertake extensive legal research using various platforms.  We constantly interact with our clients to ensure that deliverables are suited to their specific parameters.

Our litigation department is well-placed to offer clients outstanding legal advice and provide professional and efficient legal service, whether in a court room, arbitration, tribunal hearing or other dispute resolution forum.
Besides actual litigation itself, our support services for litigation extends to

  • Pre litigation Support
  • Support during Trial
  • Case Management

Our competency in providing specialist legal logistical support includes

  • Drafting (complaints, motions, briefs and memorandum)
  • Evidence (document discovery, preparation assessment and research)
  • Support in Appeals
  • Analysis
  • Maintenance of litigation documents

We pride ourselves on the strength of our litigation practice to protect clients' interests on both domestic and multi-jurisdictional disputes. We cater to the needs of our clients in all areas of Techno Legal litigation across the globe.

Advisory, Strategy & Management

Our firm provides full range of legal research services and solutions across a broad range of industries including various sectors of companies, firms and individuals. Our experienced lawyers have diversified experience in varied fields of law and render research based services and opinions to our clients in the fields of Intellectual Property Laws, Information Technology Law,  Media Laws,  Entertainment Laws, Telecommunication Laws, Broadcasting Laws, Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation.

We understand the needs and requirements of our clients and provide the best legal solutions within the shortest span of time. We analyze the risks and potentials of the transactions into which our client contemplates entry and assists them in making the right decisions by conducting legal due diligence and investigations.

Our advisory team caters specifically to individual requirements.  We believe in hearing out clients entirely and offering solutions that work best for them.  Working with leading local counsel across the world, we offer top-notch commercial advisory services to clients. Our opinions are highly valued amongst our clients and are at the heart of our portfolio maintenance service.

Given the broad range of services required, a customized team is usually built for clients, consisting of all relevant specialists to work on effective deliverables serving client requirements. With a continually positive feedback on our Advisory, strategy and management services, we pride ourselves for working consistently to enable clients to expand their interests across the globe.

Arbitration & Mediation

Alternative dispute resolution has expanded over the last several years and has become an important step in the dispute resolution process.

Apart from Litigation, our firm also concentrates on Arbitration & Mediation as an alternative dispute resolution services.

Our firm assists clients with resolution of disputes in all areas of general and special practices in a broad range of industrial sectors including Pharmaceuticals, Information Technology, Automobiles, Healthcare, FMCG Industries, Textile Industries, Heavy Machinery, Construction and Infrastructure, Real Estate, Entertainment and Media, Banking and Finance, Aviation, International Investments, Intellectual Property,  Telecommunications, etc.

Our Firm has a significant experience in both international and domestic arbitration and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) such as conciliation.

Our lawyers are expertise to act as counsels and arbitrators in high stake arbitrations providing best advice and support in resolving disputes. We have a dedicated team of lawyers with specific expertise to meet our clients' requirements and handle complex mediation & arbitration matters both in India and across the Globe.

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